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Salty C

Microfibre Changing Ponchos

Microfibre Changing Ponchos

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This lightweight, super absorbant microfibre towel changing poncho is perfect for drying-off, beach changing and much more. It genuinely is the most useful item you’ll own. Its easy to pack and travel with too!

Hang a wet poncho up and honestly, it dries in minutes! Hence microfibre toweling gets the name “quick-dry” towel!

The ponchos have pockets, 3/4 sleeves, a hood and plenty of space to slip in and out of a wetsuit or swimming costume.

  • Large Size: About 105cm from the shoulder to the bottom of the poncho. Size 110cm x 70cm.
  • Medium Size: About 85cm from the shoulder to the bottom of the poncho. Size 90cm x 68cm.
  • The medium is generally the popular choice for women however if you like a large comfy fit and you’re using it for changing we’d definitely recommend the large for changing ease!
  •  Composition-main fabric 88% polyester/12% polyamide.
  • Machine Washable-does not tear- resistant to repeated washing.
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