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Dark Rebellion - Eau De Parfum

Dark Rebellion - Eau De Parfum

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Inspired By Carolina Herrera - 212 Vip Black

  • Masculine with Oriental Notes
  • 50ml + free tester for easy returns

Unleash your inner rebel with Dark Rebellion by Juce. Step into a world of mystery and seduction with this captivating fragrance.

The opening notes of pineapple, star anise, and cardamom provide a fruity and spicy allure. As the fragrance evolves, lavender, sea notes, and violet bring a refreshing and calming sensation. Finally, the base notes of teakwood, amber, vetiver, and vanilla add depth and warmth, enveloping you in an aura of intrigue.

Embrace your rebellious spirit and make a bold statement with Dark Rebellion. Dare to be different and leave your mark.

Top Notes

  • Pineapple
  • Star Anise
  • Cardamom

Middle Notes

  • Lavender
  • Sea Notes
  • Violet

Base Notes

  • Teckwood
  • Amber
  • Vetiver
  • Vanilla
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