Salty C Ponchos

Salty C Ponchos

At Salty C we believe that drying-off and beach changing should be done in style and made easy. We produce only the highest quality, quick-dry, super absorbent, light-weight, easy-to-pack microfibre towel ponchos.

​Our ponchos are proudly made in Durban, South Africa. We aim to support economic growth in South Africa, strive to create jobs and ensure that all aspects of production are proudly South African.

If we may say so ourselves our ponchos truly all are the perfect beach, surf, river, dam, lake, shower, gym, you-name-it item.  And our apparel & swimwear is essential for surfing, beaching & holidaying.

All of our prints are inspired by nature and created by young and talented local designers.

Dry-off in style, change easily and love the sea with Salty C.

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